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A New Smokin' Hot Member of the Team

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Liam Foster | 0 Comments

 Here at Rebels' Smokehouse, a quality team means everything to us. From the hardworking Front of House staff, to the incredible kitchen team and even the 'tireless typers' in the office... Now, we are happy to announce our latest addition to the team! 


Eddy, The Smoker! Not a tobacco smoker... but the unit who slow-cooks delicious, succulent, chicken and pork for hours on end until it falls apart on your plate.

Our shiny new smoker has flown in all the way from America to be part of the line-up. It's a really special cooker, used by some of America's best restaurants. He's relatively light too (for such a big metallic frame), so when the food festival comes back around; we won't hesitate in bringing him out into the street to 'meat' you all!

Have a good weekend!




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