BBQ Chicken Meal | Rebels' Smokehouse

BBQ Chicken Meal

 A local free range chicken, slow smoked over Hickory for 2-3 hours, rubbed in our special bbq rub, served with 4 Fries, Slaw, House Salad, 4 Mini Corn, BBQ Beans and a good portion of our home made white bbq smoky sauce unique to Rebels'. 

This meal will feed a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children under 10. For those with a bigger appetite why not add a rack of ribs or some wings to your order.  

All of our chicken is smoked slowly for 2-3 hours and is fully cooked, the smoking process has an effect similar to curing of ham and so the colour of the chicken sometimes appears pink. It is fully cooked and has reached a minimum temperature of 82 degrees celcius.

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